Monday, September 29, 2008

The Economic Collapse: Why it maybe Your Fault

So whose fault is this economic breakdown? This is the question I hear all the time.

People blame politicians, Wall Street and some people have the gall to blame those who took out sub-prime loans.

I think the large part of the blame lies with the American people. More specifically the ones who voted for Bush. So Karl Rove played them and brought out the anti gay marriage in 11 key states. Americans made a conscious choice that they preferred to have no financial future, support the wealthy so long as we fags and dykes couldn't get married and the brown people continued to get bombed. Didn't even really matter that we were bombing the wrong brown people.

Bush may have lied about many things, but he certainly didnt lie about being a de-regulator. In fact, even now he is proud of this fact.

It was well known to everyone that Bush's tax cuts were ONLY for the wealthy. Even Fox couldn't really spin that.

So here, is in my opinion the learnings of this crisis: DON'T VOTE WITH HATRED FOR OTHERS. It will end up biting you personally in the ass. Don't sacrifice the future of yourself and your children because of your hatred.Now, I wish someone of actual importance would say that on TV.