Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Fundamental Religious Folk and Their Lack of Faith

My contention is that as much as religious right wingers from all religions preach about their faith in their various Gods, they actually really lack faith in their Gods. God is considered infallible in monotheistic religions such as Islam, Christianity and Judaism. However religious bigots and fundamentalists, consider homosexuals an abomination. This I find a mighty big problem with their 'faith' in God.

Yes, I could see how god made a small mistake, like making Bangladesh under the sea level. Poor things get flooded all the time. However making 10% of the population a mistake, 20% if you count bisexuals and drunken sorority chicks, that is far short of infallible. That is just a poor worker. Now, I don't claim to love my job or excel at it, however even I don't make a mistake 10-20% of the time. The infallible one should make a far lesser percentage of mistakes than me, I can see making a mistake 1 in 10,000 or so, but 1 in 10?

Which brings me back to my original point where is the faith in this? This is literally an outright mutiny against God. Believe that God did the right thing in making homosexuals. He wanted something out of it, maybe you don't understand why... and this is why you need to have FAITH in your God.

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Matthew Gregory Davis said...

The fundamentalist's answer to your blog might be that all people, 100% of them, are sinners, and this is man's fault, not God's. God allows sin to exist, because we have free will and what kind of worshippers would we be if we were forced not to sin?

I think most of these "fundamentalists" would say that although they believe homosexuality is a sinful choice, some people may have an intrinsic, God-given disposition to that choice - such as certain people are prone to violence or kleptomania or compulsively lying. To fundamentalists, it's a God-given opportunity to show God your faith by defying these sinful urges.

The faith is that despite the sin, God still loves mankind. A fundamentalist who infers God does not love homosexuals (or any sinner, for that matter) has, ironically, no foundation for their "faith." But to a faithful fundamentalist, God's love includes His wanting you to defy your sinful nature (as well as the rest of mankind).