Thursday, July 24, 2008

Gunman in My Office Building: Exciting day at work

So a couple of my coworkers left the building to have a smoke. When we got to the Lobby we heard the doorman yelling on his radio "there is a guy with a gun in the building!!!!"

Apparently the guy was chasing down his wife's attorney when he got into an altercation with the doorman and showed his gun. Then he took the elevator and was lost in the building

Then a rush of cops come into the building... the block get cordoned off..there were cops running around with shields and doggie police.

Meanwhile people still in our office lock the doors and blockade with file cabinets.

I couldn't get back to work, so my coworkers and I went to get some candy. Yes, we are very jaded new yorkers.

Drama continued with cops rushing in an out for an hour!

Finally guy was dragged out shirtless. REALLY REALLY BAD TATTOO'S is all I have to say. But he seemed happy, all smiley. One wonders why such a mellow guy was running around with a gun


Heather24 said...

jesus...that's some crazy shit. glad no one got hurt. i guess the up side is you got a break from work.

maybe you should get another job?

Priyanka said...

yes... i should